Latin Name: Penstemon eatonii. FAST FACTS. There are 275 species of penstemon. Interpreting Wetland Status. These grow in through out the southwest in the mountains around the desert floor. Blooms in spring and early summer. This plant has no children Legal Status. Penstemon eatonii var. There are many different varieties, which handle the intense heat and also cold winters in the Southwest. The flower color can differentiate depending on location and breeding. Pentstemon can be found around the world today. Nature's Seed is a top seller of North America’s best grass seed for lawn, pasture and wildflower seed solutions. A couple of summer waterings will help it stay evergreen in late summer. Plant Family: Scrophulariaceae Plant Type: Perennial Height by Width: 2' H x 2' W Growth Habit: Upright Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen Growth Rate: Fast … Favorite Add to 300 Blue ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEARDTONGUE Penstemon Strictus Flower Seeds SEEDVILLEUSA. Firecracker penstemon is drought tolerant when established, but will require regular irrigation to look their best. Most are widely adaptable to heat and cold. Species Origin: US Native Wildflower. Max Height: 3′ Max Width: 1.5′ Min Temp (F): -30. Penstemon / ˈ p ɛ n s t ɪ m ən /, the beardtongues, is a large genus of roughly 250 species of flowering plants native mostly to the Nearctic, but with a few species also found in the North American portion of the Neotropics.It is the largest genus of flowering plants endemic to North America. They require good drainage, and are drought tolerant. Scented penstemon (Penstemon palmeri) I grow firecracker, Parry’s and scented penstemon species in my desert Southwest garden where they provide me with beautiful late winter and spring color that attracts the Anna’s and Costa hummingbirds nearby. PLANTS Characteristics Data Fields and Definitions for more than 100 Characteristics From shop SEEDVILLEUSA. A small ornamental flowering shrub, the Autumn sage is part of the mint family and gives a mint aroma off of its leaves. Gray – firecracker penstemon Subspecies: Penstemon eatonii A. Firecracker Penstemon. 12 more photos VIEW GALLERY. eatonii Common Name: Firecracker Penstemon Long wands of scarlet, two-lipped, tubular flowers are loved by hummingbirds. Firecracker Penstemon Penstemon eatonii . Type: Perennial. Blooms are scarlet-red, with a long corolla tube which opens up to 5 petals. Bring a little spice into your desert garden with its orange and red spikes . Bloom: Spring, summer and fall. It is a heat tolerant penstemon, suitable for desert gardens, yet can also tolerate shade better than most other penstemons. Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ Fringed Loosestrife: USDA Zone: 2-9: Plant number: 1.340.500. Penstemon Facts. California Native: No. Tall stalks adorned with brilliant orange-red tubular flowers rise 1 to 3 ft. high above of a mostly basal clump of green foliage. NO fertilizer is required. Penstemon is deciduous or semi-evergreen plant that belongs to the plantain family. eatonii. Penstemon eatonii A. It is a robust species, 2-3 ft. tall with lush green foliage. Penstemon Species, Beardlip Penstemon, Beard Tongue, Firecracker Penstemon, Red Penstemon Penstemon barbatus. Botanical Name: Penstemon eatonii . Photo: Donna DiFrancesco . Type: Native Wildflowers. Learn how to grow beard tongue plants and you will have the birds, … Feb 22, 2015 - One of my favorite flowers, the Firecracker Penstemon. Firecracker Penstemon Penstemon Eatonii This showy drought tolerant perennial is native to the mountains of the desert southwest. Enjoys summer heat and drought once established. Gray ssp. Hardiness: 0°F. Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' blooms in early to midsummer with loose spires of 1-inch tubular pink-flushed white flowers. The leaves are opposite, simple and without stalks (sessile). Firecracker Penstemon (Penstemon eatonii) has showy scarlet flowers on 1-2 foot stalks. Gather the Firecracker Penstemon seeds as soon as the pods have begun to open; watch them carefully to prevent loss, since the seeds can easily be blown away by the wind. All penstemons are native to the western half of North America where they thrive in well-drained soil. Firecracker penstemon is naturally suited to southwestern style landscape plantings in the Inland Empire. All species except one (which grows in East Asia) originate from North America. Older plants can be-be cut back to remove old, woody growth. Water Requirements: Low. Firecracker penstemon are erosion control and beautification. It blooms at intervals over much of the year especially in response to rain. eatonii – firecracker penstemon Subordinate Taxa. Native to the western U.S. Leaves are green, opposite, lanceolate, leathery, 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" long, 1/2" to 3/4" wide. Firecracker Penstemon (Penstemon eatoni) Penstemons are found throughout the western half of the United States, and firecracker penstemon is one of the most colorful. Penstemon Toxic Principle May accumulate selenium if growing in selenium-rich soils. Origin: Western North America and East Asia. Wondering what are the properties of Cattleya and Firecracker Penstemon? Reseeds very easily and attracts hummingbirds. For those of you who love to grow native plants that are low-maintenance, penstemons are a must-have. Description Form: Herb. So, whether you live in the low-desert or mountain regions, there is a penstemon for you. Penstemon etonii- firecracker penstemon. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not … It flowers for an extended period and attracts hummingbirds in droves. Description Usually erect herbaceous perennials, but many species are low and creeping. THE BASICS. Firecracker Penstemon (Penstemon eatonii) Native to southwestern Colorado and Utah to Arizona and southwest California, growing along washes and rocky hillsides in elevations of 2,000 to 7,000 feet Best plant for winter and spring color. Unlike most desert natives this will tolerate some shade. View gallery. Its fiberous root system and wide canopy cover make it an excellent plant for soil stabilization. Flower Color: Red/Orange. It grows about 2-1/2 feet tall. Location Map for Penstemon eatonii (Eaton's Firecracker; Eaton's Penstemon; Firecracker Penstemon) - 8 Map Locations Found Click a marker pin or a green plant 'dot' for details. Individual Locations for Penstemon eatonii: More Locations (To display plant details, click the number in the table.) Wetland Status. Lifespan: Perennial. A reliable performer even in tough, rocky, dry situations. Known botanically as Penstemon eatonii, this wildflower is sometimes called Eaton Penstemon, Eaton Beardtongue or Scarlet Bugler. Life Cycle: Perennial. Flower Time: Spring. The plant has attractive evergreen foliage and is a good species for naturalizing in harsh growing conditions. Penstemon eatonii. May 16, 2018 - Specializing in rare and unusual annual and perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and hard to find California native wildflowers. It grows to four feet tall and needs full sun and well-drained soil. Common Name: Beard-tongue. santaclaritavw 2018-02-06T12:38:39-08:00. The tall erect flower stems with numerous, large colorful flowers also make the penstemon a desirable forb for the beautification of many different sites. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Family: Plantaginaceae: Genus: Penstemon (PEN-stem-on) Species: barbatus (bar-BAY-tus) 24 members have or want this plant for trade. Bring a little spice into your desert garden with its orange and red spikes. Foliage forms a basal rosette. Store Eaton's Penstemon seeds in a cool, dry place. Penstemons like full sun in general, but require some protection from the intense sun of the low desert to look their best. The red/orange firecracker like flowers are favorites of hummingbirds too. Penstemon spp. Flower color varies from blue to red to white. The flowers are showy, tubular with the upper lip 2 lobed, and the lower 3 lobed. Penstemon eatonii: Common name: Firecracker penstemon: A 1’H x 2’W perennial with 3-4′ tall flower stalks bearing tubular red flowers that attract hummingbirds. Flowers: Bright red, long, narrow, tubular, arrayed on a stalk. Map Help More Plant Locations ^Top of Page. Penstemon 'Firecracker' Description. Native to: Southwest U.S., Mexico 4.5 out of 5 stars (13,017) 13,017 reviews $ 3.00. Species Name: Penstemon eatonii var. Related Links. Similar to P. centranthifolius in growth and appearance, Firecracker penstemon boasts beautiful red blooms on elegant long stalks up to 4’ tall in spring and early summer. This is a colourful selection of a native North American wildflower, forming an upright mound of rich burgundy-purple leaves, studded with starry yellow flowers in the summer. Category: Perennials. Tolerates full sun to part shade. Firecracker penstemon (Penstemon eatonii) Penstemon are a type of flowering perennial that do very well in arid climates. The lance-shape deep maroon leaves are 4-5 inches long and arranged in a basal rosette. It prefers semi-arid and arid areas and usually inhabits open forests and scrublands. Facts: Penstemon. Plant Type: Perennial. Most grow in higher elevations, and all are drought tolerant. Common Names: Firecracker Penstemon. Orange-red, flowering spikes attract hummingbirds and appear winter through spring in desert gardens while waiting to bloom later in upper elevation landscapes. Firecracker penstemon has the perfect name. 150 Eatons RED FIRECRACKER PENSTEMON Eatonii Flower Seeds *Flat Shipping SEEDVILLEUSA. Light Requirement: Full Sun to Part Shade. Photo: Firecracker penstemon (Penstemon eatonii) adds vibrant color to a hummingbird demonstration garden. However, no matter where you live, there is a drought tolerant penstemon that will do well in your garden when giving a sunny location and … Plant in groups for the best effect. The firecracker penstemon is aptly named—its tubular flowers are a striking fire engine red and explode from the plant in a profusion of blooms on tall flower spikes that resemble fireworks. Growth rate: Moderate to rapid. At the minimum, supplemental water will be needed in the summer months. Also called Penstemon beard tongue, the plant produces dozens of tubular flowers arranged on a tall stalk. is one of our more spectacular native plants. As can be seen by the images of plants in full bloom, this high desert California native produces a dramatic display of bright red flowers during the spring. Prefers well draining soil. Found in mountainous areas and their foothills, the herbaceous species is a temperate zone darling and thrives in most areas of the western United States. Water: Low. To extend the lifespan the plant, deadhead the flower spikes when flowering is done. Family: Scophulariaceae (Figwort) Genus: Penstemon. Plant Characteristics. They tend to be a somewhat tolerant of a little extra water especially in well drained sandy soils and are also fairly frost tolerant . Sun: Full sun, partial sun. Growing Penstemon eatonii: Firecracker Penstemon. Feb 22, 2015 - One of my favorite flowers, the Firecracker Penstemon. Mature Size: 2' high and 2' wide. Feb 22, 2015 - One of my favorite flowers, the Firecracker Penstemon. We provide you with everything Firecracker Beardtongue (Penstemon eatonii) is a widespread native species in the western U.S. known for its mid-spring display of vivid scarlet red flowers on tall bloom spikes. Now you know why firecracker penstemon is my favorite plant!
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