We went slightly higher as my husband and I are tall people (he’s 6’5″ and I’m 5’11”), so why not have it at the taller end of the spectrum for once?!?! To make the base for the stand, cut 2 two by four-inch strips so that they are each six inches long. It's rustic for sure but matches our decor. Made it a little longer to give room to fit a drink. Top shelf is combined from 12" x 60" pine laminated panel and 6" x 60" board to form T-shape. I did and now, to help you also make one, I have made this instructable. Final design of piano stand includes only five wooden parts and 18 1/4"-20 machine screws and requires only one screwdriver to assemble it. Use the box cutter to remove the front side of the cardboard box. I've filled all holes with wood  putty, let it dry and then sanded boards with fine grit sandpaper. Different stains can be mixed to create custom color. DIY Wooden iPad Stand. Oh, and that little bench was so fast to put together and could be used for so many things. This iPad stand is a paradoxical example of thinking out of the box. Are the keys of the keyboard the same distance from the floor that a regular piano is? GET ONE! ), Polyurethane (we have had the best luck with. I mean, you guys, I was an incredible pianist in my own little dream world….haha!! Thanks for the wonderful plans and story. Screw into place….using the Kreg Jig when needed. (I’m only showing two 2×2 pieces in the image below, sorry for the confusion….I just hadn’t cut them down to size yet). Ring Binder with Hard Drive Storage. ESC Computer Keyboard and Laptop Stand, 3 Adjustable Ergonomic Angles and Tilt, Two Sizes of Stands Included, Compatible with Most Keyboards, Repositionable Micro Grip Pads. Step 1-Measure Your Keyboard. Since I went back to work full time its been challenging to get projects done around the house. So we created this all wood Digital Piano Stand…..complete with a little bench! There are two ways to get a piano desk stand I make like these below. on Introduction. In case anyone is curious - the paint color is called Mac 'N Cheese from Lowes, and my keyboard is a Yamaha DGX-305. It's a water based non toxic product, completely odorless and safe to use indoor. If you want to add a second layer to your keyboard stand, be sure to buy two. Start painting the components. Thanks so much! Now, go ahead and attach these pieces together (placing a thin layer of wood glue between), making sure that the 2×4’s are all laying flush on a flat surface and that the drill holes are facing upward on the upper piece…. How long? In order to make stand easy to take apart, shelves are fastened with 1/4"-20 machine screws and t-nuts so I need only one screwdriver to disassemble joint. ***The finished BENCH measures approximately 18 1/4 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 14 1/2 inches deep. Now, to create feet for the base, cut two 2×6’s down to 16 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. - 1/4"-20 t-nuts; Just got through building and staining this. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to finish completely, and cost us about $100. I hadn't appreciated that if measurements go off slightly it really messes up the symmetry! Thanks again! Tablet stand from an upcycled fork For final touch I've used wood stain and acrylic top coat made by "General finishes". Finding a great electric piano with stand included in the package is hard, so it is better to find a great piano stand on its own. If using an X-stand has been a frustrating thing for you, here is a tip to make the keyboard not wobble. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. It can also hold heavier keyboards as well. We stained the top aged walnut and painted the bottom white. It looks really practical. But let me back up for a second…  To connect these pieces together, the easiest way to connect them is to drill holes with a Kreg Jig (which is such an amazing tool and now that we have one, we use it ALL THE TIME!! ~32 ft of 2×4 ($3.07/ 8ft) = $12.28 DIY Home Improvement & Renovation Projects, THIS General Finishes, High Performance, Water Based, Satin finish, HERE’S the exact Random Orbital Sander that we have, General Finishes, High Performance, Water Based, Satin finish, 1 – 2×2’s (If you can’t find 2×2’s that are straight….rip some 2×4’s down to size. See more ideas about piano, piano decor, piano table. Then I made another mark about … Sep 2, 2014 - DIY Keyboard stand for a stage piano you play at home! A piano planter would also look nice without the top cover. Very nice job and great idea!? Electronics $64.99 $ 64. Once I got the color I wanted, I added 2 layers of this General Finishes, High Performance, Water Based, Satin finish……which works SO MUCH BETTER than the Minwax brand! It’s a great investment, that really doesn’t cost much at all! $16.79 $ 16. Love this so much I was thinking of this idea so glad I found this! Plus, I wasn’t sure I wanted to move a huge old piano from someone else’s house into ours. Thanks so much for posting this. The shorter pieces need to be an inch longer as well. Thanks for the nice project. Fit the wood pieces together to form an X or a cross, depending on how you have cut your notches. (Remember, it’s helpful to add a thin layer of wood glue between all joining wood pieces.). On both years it reached top 10 on the U.S … How to Build a Laptop Stand: If you type on your laptop a lot, you may want to invest in a laptop stand to acquire that perfect keyboard orientation to easy the strain on your wrists. Then secure it in place by installing several screws from the top in several locations. Our stand and keyboard now sit along one wall, behind some chairs and it blends right in with what we have going on in this front room…….and I love it! I've developed this project as portable piece of furniture. This would be the woodworking project that we have done together since he is interested in learning. We also added batting and fabric for the seat, a hinge for it to open, and an insert of plywood so it's now a storage bench! All parts and materials should be available at any hardware store. This instructable describes how to build portable piano stand with two 12" x 60" shelves. Other options New and used from $59.79. Homemade piano stand is fabricated from laminated pine panels and boards. - 8 x 2" wooden screws; We haven't painted it yet but even plain, it looks wonderful. But just think——you could paint this all one color, or make the stand and bench two different colors. Screw in place from the top, right down into the base. ^_~, https://www.theoccupiedoptimist.blogspot.com. Ben E. King - Stand by Me Piano Tutorial "Stand by Me" became popular following its appearance on a film with the same name and a "Levi Jeans" commercial in 1986, however it was originally released as early as 1961. I’ve seen/heard of the keyboard option, but was never sold until now. 97. The top horizontal piece is flush with the top of the side pieces, the lower horizontal piece is 2 1/8 inches from the bottom of the two side pieces. I told them that all sounded great…..but if they wanted to play an instrument, they had to take piano first. Your design is very nice, but you have the sizing very wrong for correct piano posture. Shelf is mounted 1" below top edge of side panels so back board forms barrier to prevent things from rolling off the shelf. Cut one piece down to 17 inches and then the other 2 pieces down to 8 1/2 inches. All you have to do is; cut the iPad package into two halves and then make a notch at desired angle and that’s it, You have your iPad stand. Exactly what I needed, I just made this, thank you so much for the tutorial! The middle cuts of the short 2×2’s where they form the X should be cut to 30 degrees from square. To do so, you will make the two end sections first and then connect them together with 2 long pieces…..it’s a pretty basic construction. And—–headphones!!! Carving out Wood with a chisel is much easier than you would expect it to be. I love the color, but just can’t get that color. You could even use this in a bedroom as a homework desk, a makeup station, or even a project table. To avoid wood splitting all screws should be inserted into predrilled holes. In that case, we think you might be just the kind of person who could make great use of this DIY mini writing desk from Wood Restart! Oct 28, 2014 - Built custom upright "shell" for electric piano We are small people. Thank You!! Free floating wall shelves make great flat board and come in different colors and different types of wood also. I put it together last weekend and stained it for my kid's first piano lesson Monday. In fact, if I didn’t tell you that….you probably wouldn’t have noticed. Measure and cut your lumber: - Cut 4 pieces for the top and the base. Also where are your chairs from they are beautiful! ….and that the drill holes on the lower piece or on the bottom side. An old wood piano can be converted into computer desk, bookshelves, library shelf, piano-bar or interesting workbench. This can create problems with carple tunnel if wrists are not flat, and will also effect quality of hand position and will make it so much harder for her to play correctly later. Elli and Connor both love taking lessons so far, and have become obsessed with learning notes, finger placement, rhythm, etc! Would that make a difference? I also remember trying to figure out sheet music on my own (since my teacher moved away) and then having pretend recitals, where I would curtsy at the end and relish in my pretend applause. I remember sitting down to the piano when I was bored and making up random melodies and singing dramatic lyrics along with the nonsensical plunking of each key. I believe that the angle cuts noted as “35°” should be “55°”. Thanks for the idea! The best thing is to go for an adjustable stand, so it’s surely going to fit. Allways make sure, that your horizontal cut is just as deep as your vertical cut was before, to get a smooth result. Did you make this project? Your lemonade stand now has a top, a bottom, a back and two sides. ALSO, the dimensions for the piano stand below put the top of the keys on our keyboard at 30 1/2 inches tall. Looking forward to building this one. AND your tutorial is so CLEAR! Can you confirm? Thoughts? 4.6 out of 5 stars 353. The design is more farm-style and was stained to look like old distressed wood. Built the sides with rabbet joints and removed the x's, and lowered the overall height of the stand to 24" for a 28.5" keyboard height. To make a fitted skirt keyboard stand, you need: 2 yards heavy decor fabric (I used cotton canvas) grosgrain ribbon (optional) sewing machine & thread; Directions: Measure the length and width of your keyboard, and the height of your keyboard stand. We’d have to rent a truck, hire a tuner, and then hopefully it would play well after all that effort. - To customize the height, measure a comfortable height from the floor to your hands and subtract 3 to 4 inches to accommodate the wooden base and keyboard body. Now, it’s time to add the “X” to the inside of this rectangle piece, with your 2×2’s. Hello, what length screw did you use for the table top to connect the 2×6’s together? The top of the table and the bench both have planks of wood across the top….and I love how that turned out! It is nice how it fits perfectly. I put all the pieces on my workbench upside down, then put some spacers under the front apron and legs to bring them up to the appropriate height. Take a look at those examples and find the right solution for your old piano. on Introduction. $12.98 $ 12. Filed Under: DIY Home, DIY Tutorials, Home: Decor, Home: Furniture, Home: Improvement/Renovation, My Favorite DIY's. - pine board - 2" x 2" x 96" (to be cut to pieces of various length ); Then place the two end pieces on their sides and attach the two long pieces along the inner edges, adding holes with your Kreg Jig, just like above (reference the arrows below). We all took turns taking lessons…..even though mine only lasted about 6 months because my teacher moved away (but I played other instruments, so it worked out). But if you want more extraordinary style you can make in your garden a decor masterpiece such as piano fountain or piano planter.
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