Kayakers make their way through the 18-square-mile Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary. "Charles County operates Mallows Bay Park. Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary Location In Maryland, about 40 miles south of Washington, D.C. on the Potomac River Protected Area 18 square miles Designation September, 2019 Habitats Tidal river By the Numbers 142 known shipwrecks 118 WWI-era wooden steamship wrecks Find Us 1440 Wilson Landing Road Nanjemoy, Maryland 20662 The water is fairly calm and easy to paddle through. 1.5 hours: $49 3 hours: $75. This was a memorable adventure, highly recommended. All are available for public use at no cost. . They call it The Ghost fleet of Of Mallows Bay, for this is where a great number of ships are brought to rest in the shallow water of the bay.But in order to understand how these hundreds of ships came here, we have to travel back to the First World War, when America decides to join the bloodshed. Chesapeake Conservancy is a lead partner in the community-driven effort that successfully led to this designation. The Potomac is a pretty big river here, but you never go anywhere near the main shipping channel. The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay Scattered throughout this section of the Potomac River are the remains of historic shipwrecks covering centuries of American history, including over 90 wooden steamships built for America's entry into WWI. 7 reviews of Mallows Bay Park "So glad we made the trip down there! Mallows Bay, Chesapeake Conservancy & the National Park Service. Atlantic Kayak Company (AKC), a woman-owned business, has been providing fun, educational outdoor experiences in the Chesapeake Bay area since 1995.We share our passion for natural and cultural history with others through all of our programs! Mallows Bay Park is located at 1440 Wilson Landing Road, Nanjemoy. Mallows Bay Charts and Data Summary: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is partnering with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation to deploy and maintain a real-time water quality monitoring buoy at Mallows Bay in the Potomac River. United States; MD; Charles County; Potomac River - Mallows Bay; 1-Day 3-Day 5-Day. Mallows Bay Mallows Bay is a small bay on the Maryland side of the Potomac River in Charles County, Maryland, USA. The adjacent land is a county park with hiking trails, picnic areas and a launch for small boats and paddle craft. Mallows Bay Park Nanjemoy, MD 20662 (301) 932-3470 Share. Kayakers and boaters hoping to view the Ghost Fleet should be aware that the waters of Mallows Bay are tidal. Plan your overnight stay at any of our accommodations. We also spent some time exploring the rest of the park after the kayak tour finished. Books on Mallows Bay: Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay and Other Tales of the Lost Chesapeake (1st Edition) by Donald G. Shomette; Additional Information. The Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council will hold its first virtual meeting on Monday, Dec. 7, 2020, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and the public is invited. Click here to view all of our current programs. In 2010, a boat ramp and pier for recreational use was constructed to provide access to the Potomac River at Mallows Bay. The bay was listed as an archaeological and historic district on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015. Tides All Tide Points High Tides Low Tides. It is popular to canoe or kayak among the ship ruins. Potomac River - Mallows Bay Tide Times and Heights. What is very interesting about this park is that it provides public access to the Ghost Ships of Mallows Bay. These are WWI wooden ships that were abandon. Located along the Chesapeake Trail approximately 30 miles south of Washington, D.C. on the Potomac River in Charles County, Md., Mallows Bay is steeped in history, … Fee includes an introductory kayak lesson, guided tour, tandem kayak (two-person), paddle, and PFD (personal floatation device). To read more details about our partnership, click here. Mallows Bay Park, part of the Charles County, MD park system, features a free boat launch, a hiking trail, and portable restrooms. (Submitted on January 27, 2019.) Jump to Date Confirm Graph Plots Open in Graphs. The site was proposed to NOAA with broad-based community support to protect and celebrate the nation's maritime cultural heritage while expanding recreational, tourism, education, and economic development opportunities. Kayakers visit the site of a wrecked ship at Mallows Bay Park in Charles County, Md., on the Potomac River on Aug. 8, 2015. A 0.8-mile trail loops around Mallows Bay Park and the salvage basin. (Submitted on January 27, 2019.) Friends of Mallows Bay is a consortium of humans to support and encourage the selection of Mallows Bay as a National Marine Sanctuary. Public comment will be accepted at approximately […] Mallows Bay was declared a … In July 2019, NOAA designated a new national marine sanctuary in Maryland at Mallow Bay – Potomac River. If designated, it would be the first marine sanctuary for the state of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Mallows Bay offers the only public motor boat ramp between Smallwood State Park and Friendship Landing and also has a soft launch access area for paddlers. 4. 3. (Submitted on January 27, 2019.) To register, please visit the Charles County Department of Recreation, Parks and tourism website. The park is billed as a popular for kayaking. If you are a kayaker, canoeer or overall just love the water this is a must see! More Details . This program is currently unavailable. Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the Mallows Bay Park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. Explore the Ruins of Seneca Quarry. The charts and tables below display the most recent 7 days of data from Mallows Bay. The bay is the location of what is regarded as the "largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere" and is described as a "ship graveyard. English: Mallows Bay is a small bay on the Maryland side of the Potomac River in Charles County, Maryland. But the central attraction of Mallows Bay is its so called "ghost fleet" consisting of the rotting and rusting remains of nearly 230 ships. The information on the history at Mallows Bay and the natural setting was very interesting. Tremendous wildlife viewing areas, small boating access to the Potomac River, kayak launch, fishing and hiking trail. Mallows Bay Park offers excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. This map contains 3 paddling itineraries that allow visitors to virtually explore this one of a kind site. The story of the ships at Mallows Bay begins when the United States entered World War I. 2018-10-07 9:00:00 2018-10-07 12:00:00 America/New_York Mallows Bay Park Kayak Tours Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. In 2010, the Charles County Government opened a small park near Mallows Bay to improve access to the site. A special kayak launching area makes paddling access easy. All tours will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Tours for our 2020 season will be available through Charles County. Mallows Bay is currently under the process to be designated as a National Marine Sanctuary. Wikipedia: Mallows Bay. Paddle through the World War I Ghost Fleet while observing the park's unique wildlife and historic and cultural features. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Mallows Bay Park quickly are 38.4683288 ,-77.2636222 Mallows Bay Ship Graveyard Nanjemoy, Maryland. The council will discuss the purpose and process of the advisory council and introduce the members and alternates. Mallows Bay–Potomac River is a 18 square mile area of the tidal Potomac River adjacent to Charles County. Mallows Bay Park offers outdoor enthusiasts walking trails, a boat ramp and kayak launch. The Maryland Historical Trust (MHT), which houses the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), has long recognized the importance of Mallow Bay’s cultural heritage, and it was formally recognized by the National Park Service as the Mallows Bay-Widewater Historic and Archeological District in the National Register of Historic Places on April 24, 2015 (Figure 2). Atlas Obscura Experiences. The bay is the location of what is regarded as the largest shipwreck fleet in … Creepy! Open year round - 5:30 a.m. to dusk. Mallows Bay Park is home to a number of vessels in varying states of decay that were originally built for use in World War I but rendered useless by the end of the war. All tours are led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary, about 40 miles south of Washington, D.C., will be the first national marine sanctuary designated since 2000. Mallows Bay Park is well maintained, has clean porta-johns, parking, some picnic tables, and an excellent put-in, with both a boat ramp and a canoe/kayak launch back in an inlet. You can get more information from their website. Mallows Bay Park, Charles County Government. “Mallows Bay is the richest marine heritage site in the United States,” according to Samuel Orlando, Chesapeake Bay Regional Coordinator at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) office of National Maritime Sanctuaries. This means that during high tide, few of … Mallows Bay, the email told me, was about to become a national marine sanctuary — a designation shared by spectacular places like Monterey Bay in California and Thunder Bay in Michigan. Mallows Bay Kayak Tour. Protect and Preserve Mallows Bay! Mallows Bay is part of the Lower Potomac River Water Trail, which goes from Washington, D.C. to Chesapeake Bay. Off one of those back roads, we pulled into the gravel parking lot of Mallows Bay Park in Charles County. A ship at Mallows Bay * Call For One Thousand Ships Aerial photo of the ship graveyard in Mallows Bay, circa 1942. The 185-acre park overlooks the bay and the banks of Virginia across the river. Mallows Bay Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary, Maryland's Department of Natural Resources. Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic plant that … Mallows Bay Park is located in Charles County of Maryland state.
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