Any cancellation with less than 30 days notice are NON-REFUNDABLE. This training package is available for individual participants at £180. We will use the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions to examine the role of PTSD. In the same way, you will gain a wider perspective of the role of trauma. Surgeons who have a consultant or career grade post (or equivalent) in Orthopaedic Surgery are also eligible for entry. The course includes theory and experiential skills-based learning. Related products. Combining inspiration from lived experience with academic training, she is passionate about translating complicated theories into accessible information that can be used by everyone in day to day life. All training providers must adhere to the same entry criteria listed below, as set out by EMDR Europe. Trauma Informed Care – Online Training. In addition, we drawn on neuroscience, somatic bodywork and systemic thinking. Trauma informed practice is a one day course. Investing in trauma training with Bounce will give you an invaluable new skill that will help you do your job more effectively. Please enter the billing address where your credit / debit card is registered. This one-day course on becoming trauma-informed is aimed at managers who are responsible for the design and delivery of health and social care services. This is the benchmark course in our trauma training UK courses. Read the Implementation Guide for tools and tricks to implement this training within your organization. emdr europe & uk accredited training The EMDR Academy is one of the very few organisations in the UK that have been approved by the European Association to deliver EMDR accredited training. In addition, using creative play is a good way of looking after yourself as a mental health practitioner. 12 hours learning will be provided in total, including reflective and experiential practice. So, you can help your clients to express the emotions, memories and post-traumatic experiences that our bodies hold onto until it is ‘safe’. Finally, if you are not sure which course to apply for, Jill is happy to help. As a clinical psychologist she feels huge passion for understanding mental health and relationships through a developmental trauma lens. Seeing them walk away with a brighter outlook on life is priceless. Please provide the full name of each person who will be attending (including yourself if you will be attending), Copyright | Beacon House Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team | 2020, (Please do not send Post or attend for Therapy), Click to go Madison Web Solutions' website, Driving and restraining forces for effective practice, The impact of early trauma on brain development, Concurrent difficulties (PTSD, ADHD, ASD, FASD), Gain confidence in their ability to identify and understand how repeated trauma affects children and adolescents, Understand the breadth and complexity of Developmental Trauma and associated difficulties, Develop their empathic understanding through ideas for experiential learning, Understand the principles of a trauma-informed approach to supporting traumatised children and adolescents. is an artist and works at Beacon House as our Creative Advisor and Therapeutic Life Story Worker. The Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting trauma resolution and resilience through culturally responsive professional training, research, education and outreach in diverse global communities. Jill Carter designed this course based on her extensive experience and trauma training. UPCOMING TRAININGS. So, you will learn research-based ways of supporting your own personal and professional process. On payment of your training place you will be emailed: We bring together an inspiring and innovative combination of theory, stunning original art-work, lived experience examples and practical demonstrations. In addition the course focuses on the disorders often associated with trauma such as anxiety, panic, depression and other associated features e.g. Equally, it is a nourishing tool in supervision. SOMATIC TRAUMA THERAPY TRAINING WITH BABETTE ROTHSCHILD. You may send a substitute delegate providing s/he meets the course criteria. Click here to view prices. Professionals working in education, mental health, social care and the youth justice system will find it particularly relevant. The aim of this course is to deepen understanding of the effects of trauma, the recovery process and how society can support recovery from trauma. To conclude, you need to have done the Certificate course first. This practical skills based training course, underpinned by over 1000 evidence-based psychological, medical and neuroscientific research studies, is designed to inform and empower delegates to respond effectively to vulnerable and challenging children and those who have suffered a trauma … Tickets on sale now for £180.00. By using this website, you agree to accept cookies from this site. A team licence is also available for which there is an optional package which includes a 1 hour online live Q&A with a specialist Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist within the Beacon House Team. All of the online courses are free to all participants. Learn a range of practical strategies to help regulate distressed children. A private link to this online four-part training course, to watch at your own pace in your own time. Hopefully, you will also have a better understanding of any post traumatic events in your own life. Try a Sample Course, For a Buck. This Solihull Approach online course ‘Understanding trauma’ is for practitioners working with children, families and adults. A digital Developmental Trauma resource pack, new and exclusive only to the participants of this online training. Additionally, ESTD-UK has contributed to a range of information & training resources in collaboration with relevant UK organisations, including First Person Plural, Trauma & Abuse Group, Pottergate Centre for Dissociation & Trauma, and the Clinic for Dissociative Studies. Hence, you will be able to show how to relate the models of trauma therapy to your client work. By understanding how to identify Developmental Trauma, how to develop a trauma-informed support plan and how to engage dysregulated children, participants will experience a renewed sense of hopefulness and efficacy in creating change for traumatised families. The Q&A enables the team to ask questions about the content of the training, and explore further how the learning can be applied to practice (please note, in Q&As we are not able to offer advice about individual children). As an adoptive parent Helen always aims to ensure ideas are realistic and practical for families. The learning is online so it can be spread out over multiple sessions or done in one session. Materials can be streamed or downloaded. Working Creatively with Trauma™ courses are the only Trauma Training UK courses to explore evidence-based models of trauma therapy using sandplay and expressive arts. The Certificate is designed for counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists working with clients. As Certified Counsellors and Professional Coaches, Moving the Human Spirit is pleased to be able to offer ground breaking training with our Trauma Informed Coaching Basics (TICB) & Trauma Informed Coaching Certification (TICC). Post-traumatic Stress (PTS) can develop after exposure to traumatic experience(s) and results from imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). For whom is this training This innovative training in working with trauma is open to counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists or other mental health professionals. So, the course use practical skills to take a deeper look at the role of trauma or wounds in our own lives, as well as in our families, clients and in wider society. This weekend is suitable for anyone working in the counselling, education or mental health fields. For more details regarding content of training please contact on 01642 241864 or email Training: becoming an EMDR therapist EMDR is an advanced psychotherapy requiring a high level of skill. This online training has been made possible by the following organsiations: This resource has been commissioned by the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner West Midlands and is funded through the Home Office Early Intervention Youth Fund. Contact us for next available dates. Specifically, we will use sandplay, art, music and other expressive arts therapies to ground commonly-used models of trauma. It will run annually in five weekend modules. The online PTSD Counselling Course requires 70 hours to complete the course in full. We will not collect any ongoing / recurring payments from you. It is for frontline workers who want to learn more about how to recognise and sensitively respond to people who have experienced trauma. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Instead, you will be asked to do directed reading and meditations between weekends. Firstly, there is no written work in this trauma training UK course. This course is constantly updated to reflect the challenges of Covid-19 and online working. All participants will be able to purchase a renewal licence. Group bookings are available here. Babies and children who survive multiple experiences of attachment disruption, trauma and separation face profound and complex difficulties, which are often described as ‘depression’, ‘anxiety’, ‘behavioural problems’ or ‘defiance’. Working Creatively with Trauma™ courses are the only Trauma Training UK courses to explore evidence-based models of trauma therapy using sandplay and expressive arts. A mental health clinical background is an essential prerequisite for the effective application of EMDR treatment. TIME for Implementing, embedding, sustaining trauma-informed principles and practice. Course Dates: Next course starts 6th February 2021, Venue: ONLINE VIA ZOOM MEETINGS 10/4 all days with breaks. You will feel more confident using creativity and commonly-used models of trauma in your client work. Module Two | Developmental Trauma : Areas of Impact, Module Three | Developmental Trauma : Areas of Impact. Watch a brief sample here to see how we present different aspects of learning in our training, Click here to read some of our testimonials from people who have attended this training. Sharing the training package to those who have not purchased a place is not permitted under any circumstances. Booking this training is easy. This is only a guide to the learning hours required and it depends on how quickly an individual can absorb the information. For Clients. Please note that payments made for bookings are one-off payments. The cost is £1620 if you pay upfront. The need for services to be trauma-informed is increasingly well understood, but what does it actually mean in practice? "The Trauma Continuum and Specific Interventions" Trauma Recovery Centre Training. UK applicants must be an Advanced Trainee in Trauma and Orthopaedics, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience. After this time, access to the training will cease. This online trauma-informed care training requires self-reflection and analysis. From this amount, £250 is needed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. He was a member of the UK Trauma Group from 1998 and was then Chair of the UK Trauma Group for five years until 2013. However, you will do directed reading and meditations between weekends. Or  £1800 payable in instalments. A private link to this online four-part training course, to watch at your own pace in your own time. there is self and group process in these courses. For Professionals. Courses are refundable up to 30 days prior to the date of the course. Understanding how this trauma impacts the development of the brain allows us to understand the resulting behaviours. We have been teaching creative arts therapies face to face and online for more than 15 years. As a consequence, you can use sandplay, art, music, meditation and movement as evidence-based ways of working with trauma recovery in mental health environments, as well as therapeutic work with children, young people and adults. Option 1: Online Live and Exclusive course (for teams and organisations): Online Live Courses typically take slightly less time than the face-to-face course on which it is based (because of less group discussion and group exercises) but they are live and pleasingly interactive. In the event of a course cancellation under 7 days’ notice, a new course date or refund will be organised for you. All courses can be used for BACP and UKCP Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Counselling and psychotherapy students are also welcome. Inspired by the findings of cutting edge trauma research and our clinical experience here at Beacon House, this online training offers participants an opportunity to re-frame the behaviour of troubled children so that we can understand their needs through the lens of Developmental Trauma. Your booking is being processedplease wait... Due to our training package being available upon payment, online courses are non-refundable. Upon completion of our training feedback questionnaire, you will be provided with an individualised certificate. Save UK Accredited Online Mental Health First Aid Course MHFA 4 online sessions to your collection. Jill presented the research behind the development of these courses to a BACP Making Connections conference in Bournemouth, February 2020. This is the only Certificate in Creative Trauma Therapy CPD training course in the UK. We integrate person-centred, Gestalt, object relations’, Jungian and transpersonal trauma models. Recurring Transactions Participants who attend this training will: This training is designed for any professional working with children and adolescents who have been exposed to trauma, adversity and loss. You can choose to buy a single place on this training, or a group licence which enables teams to attend the training in a cost effective way. + 2 results similar to UK Accredited Online Mental Health First Aid Course MHFA 4 online … trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy, Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma, Counsellors and psychotherapists looking for creative and accessible ways of working with traumatic events and PTSD, Therapists in the trauma field such as clinical psychologists and trauma focused CBT practitioners interested in using play in their work, Education and mental health professionals/volunteers interested in trauma-informed skills, developed the concept of trauma-informed sandplay®, has extensive experience of working with sandplay and art, is an EMDR Therapist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Trauma Training UK, teaches in a clear, supportive and helpful way, a mixture of theory and experiential work, practical evidence-based skills trauma training UK, all teachers and supervisors are experts in their fields. As a leading provider of online education in Somatic Psychology, Somatopia is at the forefront of delivering educational programs on how to use the wisdom of the body to heal trauma, restore connection, and move towards well-being So, these courses use that extensive experience to understand trauma treatments through an expressive lens. The important issues of referral, supervision and further training are also considered on this course. Please complete the form below to purchase tickets. The course integrates this with the Solihull Approach model. You will learn evidence-based expressive arts UK theory and key practical skills training for professionals working with trauma. We adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework (2018) as well as the latest guidelines on Coronavirus. It uses creative arts therapies to help you understand and ground the most commonly-used trauma treatments. A Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™ will be launched in late Autumn 2020. Get Started Immediately. Helen Townsend is an artist and works at Beacon House as our Creative Advisor and Therapeutic Life Story Worker. NCTSN e-learning courses typically include multimedia resources, such as self-paced training modules, instructional videos, and supplemental resources. Basically, you will relate the models of trauma therapy we are studying to your client work. Participants do not need to be therapists to benefit from this training. It runs annually in five weekend modules spread over 10 months. This programme now includes the online courses available on this site. We have been teaching creative arts therapies face to face and online for more than 15 years. ABOUT US. The premier online training website for trauma professionals. You will become confident using sandplay and expressive arts with clients in face to face or online work. The 8th Edition ITLS eTrauma: Taking Trauma Training Online course reinterprets the ITLS Provider classroom instruction in a self-paced, online format that focuses on the essential knowledge to take better care of trauma patients. For individual participants, please book your place below. In addition, you can recognise and protect yourself from secondary or vicarious trauma. Those buying a team licence also have the option of purchasing a remote Q&A session with the trainers. As a result, you can support children, young people and adults in face to face or online therapy. Basically, all you need is an interest in creative working and trauma. Combining inspiration from lived experience with academic training, she is passionate about translating complicated theories into accessible information that can be used by everyone in day to day life. Firstly, there is no written work. This course can be taken by Online course or Webcast recording. Click on the images below for details on each competency category. Mental Health and the Body: Treating Trauma Online Training ... stop and repeat the course as often as you like. Upon receipt of payment your training package will be released. Our integrative approach includes person-centred, gestalt, psycho-dynamic, Jungian and transpersonal ways of working. The Association for Psychological Therapies (APT) is a leading UK provider of post qualification training for professionals working in mental health, and offers the following courses on Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). Dr Shoshanah Lyons is the clinical director and founder of Beacon House. Courses are available for different professional audiences and include both introductory and more advanced learning. Simply select the child trauma course(s) of your choice and begin. The BPS Approved Certificate in Trauma Treatments consists of 4 modules / 8 training days that can be booked together or separately as individual courses. A digital Developmental Trauma resource pack. Our theoretical model is based on the work of Carl Jung, systemic therapists, Buddhist and Sufi transpersonal writers. As an adoptive parent Helen always aims to ensure ideas are realistic and practical for families. Also, you will begin to learn ways of protecting yourself against secondary or vicarious trauma. COMPLEX TRAUMA THERAPISTS' NETWORK IN THE UK HELPING THE HELPERS. A ‘helping your mind & body get ready to learn’ video is also shared. Then, we will apply this theory to mental health models of trauma in an accessible way. Also, an awareness of trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy, EFT and EMDR. We reserve the right to cancel the course date, in this case we will notify you by email as early as possible, and advise you of an alternative date or provide you with a full refund. To ensure information is robust and informed by the latest neuroscience the individual and team license will last for 1 year. You will need to provide […] Certificates are issued after completing a post-training, narrative, self-analysis paper. So, it provides key skills training in creative models of trauma in mental health settings with children, young people and adults.We will look at the work of Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Dick Schwartz and Janina Fisher amongst others. guilt and shame. In order to address the whole spectrum of restoration for children and young people following traumatic experiences, we are committed to having professionals who are experts in the different related fields train in order to see a joined up approach of working. The cost is £1800 if you pay upfront, or £2000 payable in instalments. Stability, security and a good relationship can help children and young people to develop and mature emotionally and can repair some of the damage that has been done as well as be an integral part of the healing process. You will also become aware of EMDR, EFT and Trauma-Focussed CBT. For more information on the Attachment and Trauma Training Programme online course, email us at or call 01923 850408. If you would like to request an invoice, pay over the telephone or enquire about a team licence, please contact our Training Administrator, Rebecca Robertson, on or 01444 413 939. From this amount, £250 is needed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Copyright | Beacon House Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team | 2020, Responsive site designed and developed by. The training course will give you practical, evidence-based skills. In addition to exploring what a trauma informed approach looks like, you will … See our current offering of online training sessions. It is  suitable for students who have completed the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma training course. Course Dates: You must have done the Certificate first. As professionals trying to support traumatised children within school or within therapy, we often feel paralysed, de-skilled and hopeless when our usual approach is not effective. All online courses are priced individually and offer a single-user licence only. Our online training must not be reproduced or shared with another party without prior permission from Beacon House Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team. In addition, you will present client material and case studies during the teaching modules. Jill Carter designed this course based on her extensive experience and years of trauma training. Specifically, we will help you understand post-traumatic stress disorder and complex relational trauma via creativity. ITTI is approved by the following organizations to provide continuing education: NBCC, ACEP#6674: All ITTI’s courses NASW, 886782500-1939: Clinical Trauma Competency for Social Workers & Sexual Offender Treatment Provider for Social Workers NAADAC, 193785, Exp. We work very hard to keep our training and resources free or as low cost as possible. For team licences, the training is to be used by the paying team only and must not be sub-licensed or used outside of the team. Receive a resource package exclusive to online learners. 12 hours learning will be provided in total, including reflective and experiential practice. Candidates outside the UK should have equivalent experience. We will explore the effects trauma has on people’s development in relation to their psyche, body, relationships, work and spirituality. Each of the trainings within the framework identify the key competencies developed. Our trauma training UK courses work with trauma-informed sandplay®, art, meditation, music and movement. ITLS eTrauma Taking trauma training online. We ask that for single participants, you respect this by keeping the training package for your sole use only. Sandplay, Creative Arts & Trauma Training, © Jill Carter Training Ltd. - 2018 | All rights reserved | ICO Registered Data Controller: ZA252823 Jill Carter Training Ltd. In addition, you will present client material and case studies during the teaching weekends. Registered in England & Wales at 71-75 Sheldon Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ (Company No: 08422989) | Branding by, Sandplay Training: Certificate in Integrative Sandplay, Sandplay Therapy Training: Diploma in Integrative Sandplay, Trauma Therapy Courses: Introduction Working Creatively with Trauma™, Trauma Therapy Training: Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™, Trauma Therapy: Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma ™, Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision, Using Therapeutic Art Activities in Counselling, Certificate in Expressive Integrative Art: London/Essex UK, Diploma in Creative Expressive Arts Therapy. Beyond providing an understanding of how to recognise and sensitively respond to the effects of trauma, the course … Under no circumstances are Beacon House are liable for any travel expenses, childcare, potential loss of income or any associated costs. He was also a Founder Board Member of the UK Psychological Trauma … The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development; Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma; The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Impact of Working with High-Risk Children and Families Our online trauma training will give you the tools to help people to quickly recover from traumatic experiences. Online Courses Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Training. We are a teaching institute created to address the training needs of mental health professionals involved in traumatic stress and forensic assessment and treatment, education and research. Developmental Trauma is set of complex difficulties affecting a child’s sensory systems, dissociative responses, attachment, capacity for regulation, identity and cognitive abilities. She is a promoter and advocate for trauma-informed health, education, social care and criminal justice. We use cookies to help improve your experience of this website.
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