College of Medicine HP. SCAPULA 4. Case Study: Physical Therapist: Improper informed consent obtained; failure to obtain the degree of knowledge and skill to perform dry needling; improper management over the course of treatment; failure to supervise and monitor patient. Physical Therapy Case Files®: Neurological Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy Case Files®: Orthopedics, ! Case Studies in Therapeutic Recreation focuses on problem-based learning using case studies to describe disabilities, diseases, and conditions often seen in recreation therapy practice. This helps establish baselines for care and prevents treatment variations not based on existing information. The physical therapist’s own expert deemed her skills to be in need of improvement at the time of the incident. The patient was seen by a resident who wanted to present the case to their senior faculty mentors. See some of our Patient Case Studies here! Background: Previous clinical trials have reported that physical therapy (PT) can be used for the treatment of frozen shoulder (FS). 1999; 31(4): 531-535. 1999; 2(5): 195-200. - A Literature Review with a Case Example, Lucas Thompson, Utilizing Errorless Learning as an Educational Intervention to Facilitate Independence with Functional Mobility Following a Stroke: A Case Report, Brenna Wetzel, The Use of Thee Standardized Outcome Measures to assess Improvement in a Man with Peripheral Neuropathy: A Case Study, Katherine Blocker, The Challenges of Implementing Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling in a Patient with Hemiparesis following Stroke: A Case Report, Sarah Briggs, Incorporating Balance, Resistance, and Aerobic Training into Therapy Sessions with a Patient who has MS: A Case Report, Eric Callahan, Functional Mobility Training after a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Suffered in a Motor Vehicle Crash: A Case Report, Cora Claypool, Gait and Balance Training in a Patient with Parkinson's Disease in a Rural Outpatient Orthopedic Setting: A Case Report, Jordan Finch-Smith, Direct Application of Vibration to Stimulate Muscles of a Patient Post-Stroke: A Case Report, Megan Fritz, The Use of a Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike in an Individual with a Left-sided Stroke: A Case Report, Jenna Goar, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and Directional Preference as an Adjunct to Lower Extremity Strengthening in Meniscus Tear Treatment: A Case Report, Joel Gourley, Aerobic Neural Priming Intervention for Sub-Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Case Study, Logan Gushiken, The Calm App as an Adjunct to Physical Therapy for Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain, David Hagerty, Use of Clinical Movement Screening Tests to Evaluate Return to Sport Readiness of Young Athlete with Multi-Ligament Knee Injury: A Case Report, David Harper, Clinical Implications of Plantarflexion Contracture in a Patient with Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Case Report, Jakob Hummel, The Clinical Application of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education to Address Chronic Neck Pain Following a Whiplash Injury: A Case Report, Joel Ingram, University of Wisconsin-Madison ACL Return to Sport Protocol – Modifying Clinical Interventions Based on Objective Measures: A Case Report, Sarah Jentink, Utilizing the Amputee Mobility Predictor for Determination of Functional Level Following a Unilateral Transtibial Amputation: A Case Study, Ryan Kauffman, Physical Therapy Management of a Patient with Cortical Visual Impairment to Improve Functional Mobility: A Case Report, Lola Koch, Clinical Decision Making Process in a Patient with Severe Hip OA and PAD Complications of Contralateral Lower Extremity: A Case Report, Jacob LaFayette, Incorporating a Graded Vestibular Spinning Program into the Plan of Care of a 17-Month Old with Gross Motor Delay: A Case Report, Kirsten Maakestad, Physical Therapy Management and Considerations of a Patient with Interstitial Lung Disease in the ICU: A Case Report, Timothy Mack, Serial Casting as Conservative Management for Heel Cord Lengthening in the Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Population: A Case Report, Katrina Mahoney, Physical Therapy Management and Treatment of a Patient with Post-traumatic Syringomyelia, Michael McMahon, Locomotive Training for Motor-Incomplete SCI in the Sub-Acute Setting: A Case Study, Brennan McNitt, Home | About | FAQ | My Account | Accessibility Statement | Contacts | Privacy | Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Observational Studies What follows is this case … PDF. Physical Therapy Case Files®: Pediatrics Physical Therapy Case Files®: Sports Orthopedic Case Studies Physical Therapy Case Files®: Acute Care; Physical Therapy Case Files®: Neurological Rehabilitation; Physical Therapy Case Files®: Orthopedics; Physical Therapy Case Files®: Pediatrics; Physical Therapy Case Files®: Sports; Orthopedic Case Studies; Study Tools Review Questions; Simulated NPTE® Exam   •  Accessibility. However, its effectiveness is still inconclusive. PTRS:6121 Physical Therapy Management & Administration II. See case studies from physical therapists and athletic trainers with experience using the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ to help patients rehabilitate from a variety of injuries, surgeries, and conditions. Each author refers to various studies throughout their article. It is assumed that services are delivered using a team model or approach. After the presentation, a 55-year-old woman asks if the physical therapist would accept her as a patient, because she has the back and leg symptoms mentioned in the presentation. I give my consent to Physiopedia to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates and marketing. Patient Case Studies Our therapists are dedicated to your health and wellness needs. Case Study: Treatment and Rehabilitation of an Avulsion Fracture at the Base of the 5th Metatarsal: Is an integrated approach the way forward? Be written in an academic case study format (see the Physiopedia Case Study Template) Resources. They include a component for each joint in addition to one based solely on "evidence-based practice." can be helped using Strain Counterstrain and other techniques at Burkhardt Physical Therapy Center. SHARPEN YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS AND PREPARE FOR REAL-WORLD PRACTICE WITH CLINICAL CASES New in the authoritative Case Files® series, Physical Therapy Case Files gives you case studies that illustrate critical concepts you need to build and enhance your skills in physical therapy. ANATOMY OF THE SHOULDER 3. The Application of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) – BIG with a Patient Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study and Literature Review, Reginald Hochstedler. Rob Creane, Physical Therapist, BSc Applied Health Science, MBA Owner and Physical Therapist at The Deerpark Clinic, Oranmore, County Galway, Ireland, Tel: 00353 87 9886303 Articles, case studies, and reviews; Patient data and demographics; Ultimately, the objective of evidence-based physical therapy is to provide the best available therapy based on the best available evidence. > PT_CASEREPORTS, Case reports by students in the University of Iowa Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program, Functional Training to Return to Higher Level Activities after Brown Sequard Syndrome: A Case Report, Jon Anders, Primitive Reflex Integration in Intensive Physical Therapy and Gross Motor Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report, Alicia Bowden, Vestibular Rehabilitation in a Pediatric Patient with Sensory Dysfunction of the Vestibular System: A Case Report, Riley Bradley, Stem Cell Therapy as an Alternative to Reconstruction of Complete ACL Tears and Associated Physical Therapy Considerations – A Case Report, Andrew Broderick, Modified LSVT BIG Treatment for a Patient with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy: A Case Report, Elise Brown, Assessment of Severity Measures used to Predict Prognostic Outcomes in Children with TBI: A Case Report, Sabrina R. Casares, Using Biofeedback as a Treatment Tool when Managing Whiplash Associated Disorder Symptoms During Pregnancy, Jordan Crosser, The Differential Diagnosis of ADEM vs MS: A Case Report, Nicole Dominguez, Total Knee Arthroplasty Prehabilitation: Clinical Decisions related to Bony Malalignment, Neurologic Complexities, and Getting to Know a Patient, Sarah G. Ehrlich, Progression of Functional Mobility Recovery after a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Report, Karen Eilers, Physical Therapy Management of a Non-Ambulatory Individual After Diagnosis of Postinfectious Longitudinally Extensive Transverse Myelitis: A Case Report, Gillian Feller, Blood Flow Restriction Training in the Early Phase of Nonoperative Management of Achilles Tendon Rupture in an Older Adult: A Case Report, Timothy R. Fleagle, The Implementation of Musculoskeletal Principles in a Clivus Chordoma Survivor with Neck Pain, Alyssa M. Gantz, Difficulty in Obtaining Functional Mobility Gains with Physical and Occupational Therapy in a Malnourished Patient: A Case Report, Marissa Gleeman, Combined Use of Vestibular and Aerobic Exercise to Treat a Patient with Post-Concussion Syndrome Following a Mild Traumatic Brain injury: A Case Report, Ryan Griffith, Using a Symptom-Based Approach to Gait Progression in a Patient with Lateral Medullary Syndrome: A Case Report, Katie Hackert, The Pelvic Pain Puzzle: A Case Report on a Physical Therapist’s Role in the Treatment of Dyspareunia, Mary Hausler, Physical Therapy Management of an Adolescent Dancer Diagnosed with an L5 Spondylolysis: A Case Report, Ryan Hermsen, Physical Therapy Management of Bilateral Knee Contractures Using Serial Casting in a Medically-Complex Rehabilitation Patient: A Case Report, Shannon Hitchcock, The Application of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) – BIG with a Patient Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study and Literature Review, Reginald Hochstedler, Outpatient Neurological and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Management for an Individual Diagnosed with a Cervical Central Spinal Cord Lesion: A Case Report, Ryan Hoffman, Modification to Treatment Approach in an Active Individual After Partial Relief from Initial Physical Therapy for Hamstring Injury: A Case Report, Jennifer Hoke, Comparison of Functional Mobility Milestones and Associated Prognostic Factors Following Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility: A Case Study, Eric Huber, Physical Therapy Management for an Adolescent with Loeys-Deitz Syndrome (LDS): A Case Report, Kyle Hulshizer, Rehabilitation Following a Total Joint Replacement in a Patient with Drug-Induced Parkinsonism and Schizoaffective Disorder: A Complex Case, Ryan Iverson, Physical Therapy Management of Newly Diagnosed Neuromyelitis Optica: A Case Report, Haley Kelling, Choosing an Orthosis for an Individual with Spastic Hemiplegia: A Case Report, Kimberly Kroeze, Pre-Prosthetic Rehabilitation Involving Strength and Positional Tolerance for the Complex Geriatric Amputee: A Case Report, Ethan D. Lahn, Utilization of AutoAmbulator as an Adjunct to Physical Therapy in an Individual with Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Report, Megan Loux, The Complexity and Variability of the Female mTBI Patient: A Case Report, Logan Lynch, Physical Therapy Management and Return to Sport for an Adolescent Male Following Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation: A Case Report, Jace Modrell, Taking a Regional Interdependence Treatment Approach for a Patient with Upper Quarter Pain and Dysfunction: A Case Study, Ashley M. Nielsen, Altering Physical Therapy Interventions to Address Evolving Symptoms in a Patient Appearing to Develop CRPS after Foot Crush Injury: A Case Report, Jenna Opdahl, Clinical Decision Making Associated with Persistent Lateral Elbow Pain: A Case Study, Claire Poppe, Initial Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Management in the ICU Following an Orthotopic Heart Transplant: A Case Report, Bryce Rose, Physical Therapy Management of a Patient with Guillain-Barré Syndrome During Inpatient Rehabilitation Stay: A Case Report, Colton Schnetzer, Use of Functional Electrical Stimulation for Functional Mobility of a Pediatric Patient with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report, Marie Schnoebelen, Differential Diagnosis for a Vietnam Veteran with Complex Neurological Signs and Symptoms: A Case Report, Kora Scotton, Physical Therapy Management and Individualized Rehabilitation of Patient with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report, Megan Shryack, Clinical Decision Making in a Patient with Poor Outcomes After Lumbar Fusion: A Case Report, Katherine Sickelka, A Discussion of the Limitations of Standardized Testing in a Pediatric Patient with Neuronal Migration Disorder: A Case Report, Emily Steffanus, The Clinical Reasoning and Multi-Modal Rehabilitation Approach in a Patient with Post Concussive Syndrome Following a Moderate-TBI: A Case Study, Bryan Sumner, Utilizing Directional Preference and Lumbopelvic Mechanics Training in the Treatment of an Adult with Chronic Low Back Pain and Sacral Radiculopathy: A Case Report, Sulliman Al-Ostaz, The Utilization of Lower Quarter Testing to Assess Return to Sport Readiness in an Athlete following Achilles Tendon Repair: A Case Report, Seth Bendixen, Physical Therapy Management of Acute Polymyositis: A Case Report, Calista Beyer, Physical Therapy Management and Recovery of an Individual with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Report, Kristen Bolen, Physical Therapy Management Involving Strength and Gait Training for a Non-Traumatic Pediatric Amputee: A Case Report, Kelly A. Brofka, Clinical Considerations and Risk Management for a Patient with
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